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Community Crops CSA

Community Crops will not have a Summer CSA in 2016.

Over the last eleven years, Community Crops has trained hundreds of local farmers, including helping many to start their own CSAs. We're thrilled to see the growth of local food in the community and encourage you to sign up with another CSA and get to know more local farmers.

This change will allow us to:

  • focus more time on ensuring our beginning farmers are successful;
  • increase the reach and productivity of our community gardens;
  • provide healthy food to low-income families;
  • and teach more young people about the value of good healthy food.

We are grateful to all of our past CSA customers and look forward to sharing fresh produce with the community in many ways this coming year, including through our Winter CSA.

Local CSA Options

There are many other quality local CSAs in the Lincoln area. Here are some to explore:

Aiki Farm in Denton offers a vegetable CSA.

Brockley Farmaceuticals Offers vegetables, eggs, honey and fermented food products.

Common Good Farm in Raymond offers a certified organic and certified biodynamic CSA in the summer, in addition to a fall harvest CSA.

The Community Crops Winter CSA offers vegetables from October to December.

The Darlin' Reds offers vegetables and freshly processed veggies. They will be offering a fall/winter CSA in 2016, October to December. Registration will open in May.

Lakehouse Farm – CSA offered by the owners of the Prairie Plate restaurant

Lincoln Neighbors Urban Farm – Lincoln based farm with vegetable CSA shares

Fox Run Farms in Brainard offers a vegetable-based CSA. Their farm has been in their family for over 100 years

Robinette Farms in Martell offers a vegetables, eggs and poultry CSA.

ShadowBrook Farm in Denton offers certified organic vegetables, meat, flowers, and cheese through a market-style CSA.

Spiritus Vitae Botanicals – offers “CSH” or Community Supported Herbalism shares

Connect with more local farmers through Buy Fresh, Buy Local Nebraska

Community Crops Community Supported Agriculture Program

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) projects are a great way for you to support local farmers and get a variety of very fresh, nutritious vegetables and herbs throughout the growing season. You know exactly where your produce come from and the people who grow them for you. As an added bonus, the CSA run by Community Crops purchases produce from beginning farmers when possible, helping them to build successful businesses while offering a diverse selection of produce to our members.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It connects you, as a consumer, with the best of local food. Click here to discover more.

The veggies in our CSA come from beginning farmers on our training farm, as well as local beginning farmers. Here is more information about our training farm.

Urban Homesteading Series

Our Urban Homestead Series offers practical cooking, gardening, and DIY kitchen lessons to CSA members and the general public.

“Share-a-Share” program

Consider bold gifting a CSA Share to a local family in need this season. Community Crops offers need-based scholarships to help pay for one CSA share, to those with financial need, through our "Share-a-Share" program. One share is $300 for the 20 week season and scholarships cover up to $250, with the recipient paying the remainder through SNAP (food stamps). With your help, we will provide 10 CSA scholarships in 2015, making our fundraising goal $2500. Support the Share-a-Share scholarship program here on Network for Good today, or by creating a recurring donation through your bank's on-line bill pay. If you are in need of a scholarship the application is here

2015 Winter CSA

Click here to learn more about the 2015 Winter CSA.

Community Crops Training Farm

Our farm stands apart as a training--or "incubator"--site for beginning and limited-resource growers. Each year we hold a Winter Workshop series as part of our Growing Farmers Training Program, and recruit several participants to grow alongside us at our training farm. Each participant rents their own plot (1/8 acre-1/4 acre), where they grow vegetables to sell through a variety of outlets. Crops usually purchases most of their vegetables for our CSA! This provides our growers with a steady wholesale market, and broadens the variety of produce we can provide you with.

How is it grown?

Our crops are grown by staff, Growing Farmers Program participants, graduates of our training program, and other local farmers. We contract with these growers to bring fresh food to your table and provide them with a steady market as they start out. Everything is picked shortly before you receive it and at peak maturity so it will keep much longer than grocery store produce.

Our produce is grown using sustainable growing methods, such as cover crops, row covers, composting and encouraging biodiversity. Part of becoming a CSA member means that you are taking on some of the risk of growing with us. We can't guarantee the availability of a particular item because sometimes nature gets the best of us. We do our best to plan ahead, and grow extra of some things just in case.

We encourage members to come out and visit the farm, so you can see how we grow all these vegetables. This is a great way to meet farmers-in-training too. Last year, eight families grew veggies with us, and we anticipate a similar number at our new training farm in 2015.

We also try to use as much recycled packaging as possible and run every aspect of the CSA in the most environmentally friendly manner. In the past, we have accepted all types of plastic clamshells, egg cartons, etc. However, with the market-style pick-up, this year we are only accepting your (small) berry clamshells and egg cartons. We encourage you to bring your own re-used containers to the pick-up site, in order to pack your veggies.